Double Deluxe


Supports 2 persons for up to 3 days – a total of 103 items.

  • Contains emergency food (2-3600 calorie foodbars)
  • drinking water (24 servings)
  • 2 emergency thermal blankets
  • 2 body warmers
  • AM/FM crank-powered radio (no batteries required).
  • The radio includes a 3-LED flashlight and a high decibel siren
  • 2 snap light-sticks
  • 2 pairs of work gloves
  • 2 dust masks
  • nylon utility cord
  • 13-function knife
  • waterproof matches
  • hygiene supplies
  • first aid kit with manual
  • notepad with pencil
  • playing cards
  • 2 whistles
  • Packaged in a padded nylon carrying case or back pack.

“We recommend you renew this kit every 5 years.  Replacement pouches are available that contain only the items that expire in this kit.  Click here for details“.

Click here for foodbar ration ingredients.

Click here for suggestions on what to do with your expiring kits.


Solar-Crank Radio Upgrade

Rechargeable Radios

Solar Collectors and Crank Powered devices for light and charging iPhones & Smart Phones

Additional Food

Rechargeable Lights

Standard Flashlight with 2 D Cell Batteries

Water Accessories

Tools & Gas Shut off


Sanitary Waste Bags


Tube Tent

Sleeping Bags


Add-ons total: