Fundraising with Earth Shakes

We create a personalized website for your school or organization

so you can put your message out via email, Facebook,

Tweets, phone calls or friendly visits.

It’s a “win-win service.”  Our community becomes earthquake prepared, while you

generate revenue for your school or organization.

Step 1)  Express your Interest.

Double Deluxe

•  Call Earth Shakes at (650) 548-9065 to set up your fundraiser.

•  We will create a personal web site for you.  You can forward this website to friends and family members for online ordering. 

•  Earth Shakes will also send you a Sales Packet that includes a product fliers, order forms and seller’s record sheets.

Step 2)  Start your Sale.

Single Delight

•  Make copies of the flyer and order form and distribute to your sellers.

•  Get started with social media.  Sellers can email, Facebook and Twitter the personal website to family members and friends, encouraging them to become more earthquake prepared.

•  Many school groups simply include the web link to the fundraiser in their weekly electronic newsletter.  Organizations additionally, generally have sellers visit with family members, neighbors and friends.

•  When your sale is complete, submit your order forms to Earth Shakes.  For best results, most sales periods last between 2 and 3 weeks.

Step 3)  Distribute the Kits.

The Voyager

•  Earth Shakes will deliver kits to an agreed upon central location at no charge (Bay Area).  Kit orders placed online will be shipped to the customer.  Your group will receive the reimbursement check on the date of delivery.

 We make a personalized website for your group so the link can be passed on for online ordering.

 In addition to the personalized website, we also provide a pdf flyer for email distribution.  The flyer explains the purpose of the fundraiser and contains product and ordering information.  The flyers can also be passed on to neighbors and friends during an “in person sales visit.”

 A percentage of total sales goes to your school or organization.  Many schools have been able to use the money for needed emergency supplies.  Organizations have often used the income for trips and philanthropy.

Earthquake kits make great gifts for any holiday or occasion.  It’s a win-win service.  Our community becomes earthquake prepared, while you will generate revenue for your school or organization.