SunJack Waterproof LightStick and Smart Phone Charger


  • 3 Brightness Levels + Emergency Flash. Ultrabright 350 Lumens on Max.
  • Waterproof to 6ft Depth
  • Up to 46 Hours of Lighting on One Charge
  • Charges up to 3 Smartphones
  • Great for Hiking, Camping, Emergency Preparing, Fishing, and other Outdoor Activities
  • Charges via:
    • USB to wall or computer
    • USB to SunJack Solar Charger or other USB collectors
    • USB to SunJack Battery Pack or other portable battery pack

Q: What is the storage life for this device if it is only bought for potential power outages? A: The battery in the LightStick is a LiPo battery which has a self discharge rate of about 1.5-2% per month. So if it is fully charged it should still hold about 80% of its capacity after a year. This self discharge rate will increase if stored in warm conditions. If used for this purpose, we suggest that you periodically top up and check operation every 6-12 months. This is a relatively low discharge rate compared to products with NiMh and NiCad batteries which discharge 10-30% per month. The LightStick itself is relatively robust and should see no noticeable degradation for several years if kept in a non-corrosive, dark, cool environment.

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