Sunjack 14 Watt Solar Charger With 8000mAh Fast-Charge Battery


Lightning Fast, Densely Powerful, Portable Solar Charging

Capable of charging your phones and tablets as fast as a wall outlet with plenty of power to spare. Can charge up to 4 iPhones on a single charge.
  • Highly-Efficient Solar Cells
  • 14 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Cells
  • 5 hours to full charge
  • Fully charged 8,000mAh battery can power 4 iPhones
  • Wall outlet charging speeds with 5V/2A USB ports
  • Folds to compact 6.75″ X 9.25″ X1.75″ (similar in size to an iPad)
  • Powerful Lithium Ion Battery
  • 8000 mAh Lithium-polymer battery with 1,000 recharge cycles
  • Charge battery and devices simultaneously
  • 5 LED lights indicate battery level
The SunJack is designed as a complete system with battery backup to provide the most powerful solar charging available on the planet. Everything is TWICE the speed of standard components  from high-efficiency solar panels that have 2 Amp USB outputs, to a cable that can carry high-speed currents, to batteries that can charge in half the time Sun Jack allows you to charge all your portable devices, 24/7.
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Power Up
Benefit from wall outlet charging speeds, anywhere. Powerful enough to fully charge most phones in 90 minutes and holds enough energy for up to 8 smartphones after just 5 hours of sunlight.
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Compatible With
Your active lifestyle and all USB devices. Charge your phones, tablets, GPS, GoPro, Jambox, lights, and more. With SunJack as your personal power companion, simply plug in and power up
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Where To Use
  • For emergency power. Are you earthquake / zombie / disaster ready?
  • Camping / Backpacking / RV / Rock climbing trips.
  • On your car dashboard while driving.
  • Music & Art Festivals (Coachella & Burning Man anyone?)
  • Sailing / Boating / Fishing.
  • Beaches and lounging by the pool.
  • Rural locations such as mountain cabins, ranches, and farms.
  • We’d like to say in space, but we haven’t tested it there yet.
Not all batteries are created equal! Our battery is optimized for fast-charging, with 2 Amps of input AND 2 Amps of output. This means less waiting around for your devices to charge. Power up and GO!
Not all cables are created equal! Our cable is optimized for fast-charging, and can carry 2 amps of current. Standard USB cables only carry 1 Amp or less of current, which means SunJack powers you up in half the time!
But you know what? At the end of the day, we’re all on the same side as a human race, and we support any company and product that promotes the development of renewable energy. Whether it’s us, or them, YOU are helping advance humanity by choosing to harness the power of sunlight!
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