Deluxe Classroom Response Kit


These kits are intended to be kept by the door of each classroom. The class roster should be added. If the students need to evacuate, the teacher should grab this response kit on the way out the door. Kits are packaged in a red back pack. These kits are made on site. Any additions are easily made.

All Classroom Kits are come with an attached content tag, personalized with your schools name and logo if you like. There is no charge for this service. You can e-mail us with your personalized information at

Contains the following general supplies:

1 Pair leather palm gloves, Dust mask, 2 Emergency thermal blankets, 1 Flashlight with 2 “D Cell” batteries, 1 Bottle Purrel hand sanitizer, 1 Infectious waste bag

Contains the following first aid supplies:

1 First Aid booklet, CPR mouthpiece, 4 Pairs vinyl gloves, 2 Coldpack, instant chemical, 2 Triangular bandages (arm sling), 2 Ace bandages, 24 Adhesive bandaids, 12 Extra large bandaids, 8 Butterfly closures, 2 Eye pads, 10 Sterile gauze pads 4X4, 10 Sterile gauze pads 2″X2″, 2 Rolls, 3″ gauze conform bandages, 1 Tape, 1/2″X10 yards, 1 1-oz. eye irrigation solution, 2 Providine swabs, 1 16-oz. peroxide bottles, 2 Sterile water packets, 24 Moist towelettes, 4 Pkg, pocket tissue, 1 Pair of tweezers, 1 Pair scissors, 1 Pad of paper and pencil.

Additional Hygiene

Warmth & Shelter

Lighting & Communications

Safety & Tools

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