3-Day Child Deluxe Survival Kit


Ideal for school-age children (a total of 29 items). Includes food (2400 calorie foodbar – 12 servings), 6 Aqua Blox water boxes with straws (6 – 8.45oz. servings), emergency thermal blanket, hygiene supplies, snap light-stick, “earthquake activity book”, whistle, bandages, crayons, notepad, I.D. tag, and a special note-from-parents sheet to be completed by a loved one. Comes in a sturdy back pack.

“We recommend you renew this kit every 5 years.  Replacement pouches are available that contain only the items that expire in this kit.  Click here for details“.

Click here for foodbar ration ingredients.

Click here for suggestions on what to do with your expiring kits.

Quantity Discounts

1-100 Kits – 27.50 each
101-499 Kits – $24.50 each
500 + – $23.00 each

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