20 Group Survival Replacements


Replacement Packs are available for each kit. Remember to order your replacement packs every 5 years.

The 20 Group Replacement pack includes:
20 2400 calorie foodbars
120 Datrex water pouches
2 D cell batteries
20 12-hour lightsticks
20 body warmer(heat pads)
20 thermal space blankets
20 toothpaste tubes
200 clean wipes
2 cold packs
14 acetaminophen packets

Emergency thermal blankets should be replaced every 10 years if stored in extreme temperatures (120 degrees or over). The integrity of the fabric tends to break down at the folds in extreme temperatures over time.

Solar Collectors and Crank Powered devices for light and charging iPhones & Smart Phones

Standard Flashlight with 2 D Cell Batteries


Sleeping Bags


Add-ons total: