2-Person Search and Rescue Kit


Enables your staff to search and rescue injured or trapped employees in the aftermath of a major earthquake.

Designed for light search and rescue.

2 Hard hats
2 Industrial spark-free flashlights with 5-year shelf life alkaline batteries
2 Snap light-sticks
2 Pairs, safety goggles
2 Pairs, leather palm gloves
2 Safety vests
2 Particulate dust masks (N95 with exhalation valve)
2 Whistles
2 Utility knives
1 300′ Caution tape
1 50-foot truckers rope
1 15″ Crow/Wonder bar
1 Screw driver (6″ flat)
1 Phillips screw driver (6″)
1 10″ vice grip (locking pliers)
1 Sledge hammer
1 Roll, duct tape

Comes in a duffel bag.


Add-ons total: